Posting Requirements, Short & Simple

March 29, 2016 |

You have to post but you do not have to buy…

FMLA Q&A – Recovery of Premiums

March 21, 2016 |

In our practice, we regularly receive questions regarding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Here is the first in a series of FMLA Q&A based on our clients questions and concerns regarding the FMLA. An employee went out on leave, never came back, and now owes us money for the benefits.  Looking for guidance on […]

New Overtime Rules Are Officially On The Way

March 17, 2016 |

The long awaited changes to the FLSA Overtime rules are one step closer to becoming the law.  The Final Rules were sent to the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OMB) on Tuesday.  If the OMB follows its normal review timeline, the Final Rules should be approved in four to six weeks.  This […]

Vermont Becomes the 5th State to Mandate Paid Sick Leave

March 14, 2016 |

On March 9, 2016, Vermont became the fifth state to guarantee paid sick days to employees. Commencing January 1, 2017, Vermont’s new law will require employers to provide earned sick time at the rate of at least one hour of leave for every 52 hours worked. Unlike the mandatory sick leave laws passed in California […]

The Do’s and Don’ts for I-9 Verification


The Justice Department recently announced that Postal Express Inc., a delivery and logistics company operating in Washington, Oregon and Idaho agreed to pay a civil penalty to settle a discrimination claim brought by a foreign-born employee who was suspended after the company improperly demanded he present a new green card. The DOJ investigation revealed that […]

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