You drive me crazy Uber

April 26, 2016 |

Uber has just settled two class action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts brought by drivers. Drivers sought classification as employees, overtime pay and transparency regarding tips. What does the settlement mean for the drivers and–more importantly–the law of independent contractors? Very little. First, federal court judges in both jurisdictions must approve the $100 million settlement. […]

Understanding Human Liability Management Systems


Human liability can occur in a variety of ways.  It can range from an accounting mistake that results in a small monetary loss, to a serious workplace accident that results in a life altering injury, to tracking errors within your company’s FMLA or integrated disability management systems.  Outcomes can be improved in all aspects of […]

Who’s afraid of the DOL? Everybody now.

April 21, 2016 |

A common but erroneous assumption that salaried employees are not eligible for OT pay costs a company $1 million.

Coalitions, Alliances…the Drone War continues

April 7, 2016 |

The skyscape is abuzz with interested parties maneuvering for control over all things UAS. A new lobbying group has formed this week in an effort to lead the charge toward a “practical and responsible regulatory framework” for UAS. Splitting off from the Small UAV Coalition, which includes companies such a Google and Amazon, a group […]

Get Ready to Update Your Discrimination Policies, California.

April 4, 2016 |

  No this is not a cruel April Fool’s Day joke. As of April 1, revised California Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA) regulations will take effect, with new anti-discrimination and anti-harassment obligations for California employers. If you have not already updated your Discrimination and Harassment Policies to track the amendments to FEHA, now is the […]

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