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Employment and Labor Law in the Private and Not-for-Profit Sectors

At the heart of every organization is a leadership team that wants to advance the company’s objectives, free from the burdens and risks of deciphering extensive labor and employment standards. Our attorneys have the experience, expertise and proactive approach to deliver positive outcomes, which allows our clients to focus on moving their business forward.

Labor Relations

At Foley & Foley, we are well positioned to guide employers to the best strategy when the call from the union arrives.

Our labor services include:


We have developed an innovative approach to building a positive employee relations culture. It starts with the best practices for supervisors which produces a positive impact on employees-- and our clients’ bottom line. In addition, our attorneys track new employment laws to assist clients in developing policies and procedures to minimize exposure and reduce risk.

Our employment services include:


From publicly traded multi-national corporations with thousands of employees to start ups with only a handful, companies need solid, forward thinking advocates. How can we help?