When Friday the 13th Has Nothing on Your Bad Luck Week

March 13, 2020 |

Oh boy we live in interesting times. In an effort to provide helpful information and not cheap click-bait, I held off on writing about the House relief bill today.  Good thing because it is held up over the Paid Sick Leave provision. But there is still plenty happening in DC (as well as your state no doubt) that will impact the workforce. Here is what to watch:

  • Trump is expected to declare a National State of Emergency this afternoon which, among other things,  puts FEMA in charge of the response;
  • The House Bill being worked out now (for which the Senate is hanging around to vote on rather than take their break) includes provisions for paid sick leave in the case of a state of emergency;
  • The proposed paid sick leave, if it makes it into the final bill, can be found here;
  • The same bill calls for major changes to the FMLA under a state of emergency:
    • Employees eligible after 30 days (not 1250 hours and 12 months) of work for employers with 1 (not 50) or more employee;
    • Medical certification time and conditions loosened;
    • Cannot mandate use of PTO concurrently;
    • Definition of parent and family member expanded.

We will let you know on Monday what changes, if any, were made by Congress and the President that impact your workplace. As I posted earlier, practical solutions are out there. We have developed a framework for a comprehensive response plan that can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs: the fixed fee COVID-19 Toolkit.

Contact us.  We can help. Enjoy the weekend and maybe a news break.


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