FOLEY & FOLEY, PC is dedicated to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. As a complement to our thriving employment, labor and business law practices, we offer our franchise law practice.  We will create offerings for those business clients looking to expand through franchising.  We will advise and assist those clients looking to purchase a franchise business.  Whether a client is beginning the adventure of a new business, or has several developed locations already, we can counsel and assist with the exploration of all opportunities and the achievement of goals.

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When franchising a business, you want a clear and complete understanding of the regulatory system. Because franchise law involves both federal and varying state regulations, it can be complicated. The lawyers at FOLEY & FOLEY, PC will explain the applicable regulations to you and ensure compliance, so that your new franchise will have a strong foundation upon which to expand and protect itself.

Here is a list of some of the services our firm can provide to a franchisor:



The lawyers at Foley & Foley, PC will guide you through the process of purchasing a franchise business. We will discuss potential purchases with you and be a sounding board and advisor regarding the opportunity.  We will review and explain for you the critical franchise documentation, including but not limited to the franchise agreement or the franchise disclosure document.  As a potential franchisee, you need to know, and are entitled to know, all the fees and costs that you will pay, the identity and background of the franchisor and its principals, and the current status of franchise operations. If, after a review of the pertinent information, you decide to proceed with the purchase, we will negotiate the franchise agreement and the lease agreement for your new business.  We can also create and register a corporate entity for your new business.



In addition to these franchise development and purchasing services, and because of the strength of our other practice areas, we remain available to you moving forward with advice and counsel.  Whether you have a business contract matter (negotiations and disputes), employee issues (hiring, firing, wages, leaves laws…), or are faced with a litigation or arbitration, we are ready, willing and able to stand with you as your trusted advisors for all such issues.  Other services we provide include: