Gone are the days where a company could roll out a sexual harassment policy and call it a day. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a fact. Failing to address this risk will leave your organization exposed to claims, lawsuits, reputation damage, and loss of key leaders and talent.  Equally damaging is the erosion of your organization’s culture and morale, as we have seen happen over the last several months at Ford Motor Company, Uber, Fox News and countless other organizations.

We get it! And our approach to sexual harassment-related risk management is different. Our solutions are tried and tested, based on years of experience. Many of our clients describe it as both practical and innovative; and we are excited to share it with you.

We have developed a comprehensive sexual harassment prevention plan that can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique needs.  Our toolkit takes a multi faceted approach to meet current guidelines and law.

Our sexual harassment prevention toolkit includes the following:

  1. A digital copy of Attorney Angela Snyder’s No More #MeToos webinar that can be shared with your entire leadership team, serving as the first level of effective sexual harassment training for leadership and HR;
  2. A comprehensive outline for creating a sexual harassment strategy for your organization;
  3. A model sexual harassment policy and/or review of your existing sexual harassment policy;
  4. Sample Letter from Leadership in Word that sets forth your organization and leadership’s commitment to addressing sexual harassment in the workplace that can be modified to meet your specific needs;
  5. A sample “pulse” survey to send to employees that will help uncover underlying cultural erosions; and
  6. One hour of attorney time to uncover your unique risks based on demographics and culture. During that discussion we will provide a punch list of action items that will help you finalize a customized sexual harassment strategy.


Because we believe in this message, and want to make this service as accessible as possible, we are offering it for a reasonable fixed fee.


We can help! Reach out to us at questions@foleylawpractice.com or (508) 548-4888