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Can States Ban Workplace Bullying? They’re Trying.

Steve Jobs was a notoriously tough boss. Bill Belichik, perhaps the greatest coach in NFL history, is known to be demanding and dour (and currently unemployed). Would their styles survive the changing workplace standards of today? Would the new generation … Read More

What Does Gen Z Think?

Like you, all sorts of articles and blogs cross my email everyday. Eye-catching headlines and subject lines scream out. Sometimes, those large font statements turn out to be misleading on closer inspection. But the thought that is put in your … Read More

New Final Rule: Independent Contractor Gets a Makeover

The Biden administration is finally getting its rule on what determines an independent contractor relationship. The Trump era rule, which was much broader, has been rescinded. In its place is a six part test, considering a “totality of the circumstances,” … Read More

2024 Do List: 5 Steps to Take

Let’s face it, keeping resolutions is tough. At the same time, ticking off a checklist is pretty great! Here are 5 To Do Items for 2024, based on 2023 developments and best practices: Employee Handbook: Great time to review your … Read More

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