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A career in Human Resources can be both incredibly rewarding and often overwhelming. Developing your skill set to become a subject matter expert will give you the confidence to solve complex problems and advance your career.

Our Career Development and Certification program is a fantastic opportunity to improve your knowledge and understanding in multiple Human Resource subjects. As an added feature, we have our own internal certification program to become a subject-matter expert in multiple areas.

HR Career Development & Certification Programs

Each certification contains several courses and concludes with a test to determine your understanding of the topic. We use our vast training experience to make the subject matter relevant, interesting and move quickly. You will walk away with a Foley Fundamentals Certification, and a wealth of knowledge to enhance your HR responsibilities—and become your organization’s “go-to” HR professional. Our Foley Fundamentals Certification Programs include:

The value of these courses is limitless and can benefit everyone in the organization, not just those in Human Resources! These courses can also fill the training void for your managers and supervisors who work with employees daily. We all know how crucial it is to have the skill sets to handle everyday actions at the front line.

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