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FOLEY & FOLEY, PC is dedicated to creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. As a complement to our thriving Employment and Labor Practice, we offer clients our Business Law Practice.  Attorney Tim Kenneally leads the Business Law Practice for our firm. Attorney Kenneally has over two decades of experience handling commercial transactions. Through our Business Law Practice we handle the critical legal transactions and communications for conducting business:

  • Contracts
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Contracts – Every business transaction needs to be properly documented. Attorney Kenneally has created business contracts for clients of our firm in an abundance of commercial transactions:
    • Asset Purchase Agreements
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Employment Agreements
    • Franchising and Franchise Agreements
    • Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Non-Solicitation Agreements
    • Non-Compete Agreements
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements
    • Leases
  • Commercial Transactions – Commercial transactions include the sale or the purchase of items of value, such as a business and/or property. Attorney Kenneally can assist you with such transactions whether it be negotiation of the terms of the agreement or the preparation and exchange of the documents needed to record and finalize the agreement. Attorney Kenneally will advise you throughout the process until completion of your transaction.
  • Corporate Law – Attorney Kenneally assists clients with the formation and management of entities. There are many entity types. Whether you are forming a limited liability company, a S-Corp, a partnership or a C-Corp, Attorney Kenneally can create that entity, complete the registration of that entity and prepare the necessary and appropriate agreements to proceed forward with your business. We invite you to contact Attorney Kenneally if you are seeking advice and counsel regarding:
    • Entity Selection
    • Company Formation
    • Business Planning
  • Real Estate Transactions – Attorney Kenneally handles all aspects of the sale, financing, and development of land. Attorney Kenneally has assisted our clients with transactions involving the sale, purchase and lease of real estate.

For all your commercial transaction needs, contact:

Tim Kenneally, Foley & Foley, PC, tim@foleylawpractice.com, 508-369-2894, 508-548-4888 x106