Notice of Termination and Separation & General Release Agreements

The law does not require employers to provide written notice confirming the decision to terminate an employee. Nevertheless, a well-written notice of termination is the most effective way to avoid risk and challenges related to the termination of an employee. This documentation can serve as the basis for:

  • contesting an application for unemployment compensation benefits,
  • contesting the continuation of insurance benefits under COBRA,
  • confirming the legitimate, non-discriminatory performance/business-related basis for the termination, and
  • providing a consistent approach and practice to help avoid claims of disparate treatment.

In some cases, it is prudent to offer a Separation and General Release Agreement in exchange for certain commitments from the former employee in order to tie off loose ends.

This service includes:

  • A Notice of Termination template without reference to a Separation and General Release Agreement
  • A Notice of Termination introducing the option to proceed under a Separation and General Release Agreement
  • A Separation and General Release Agreement template
  • An Off-Boarding Checklist

Each template should be tailored to fit the facts of each individual termination and should reflect your organization’s approach and practice.

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