Independent Contractor Classification Audit

Avoid inadvertent employer liability when outsourcing services.

The Department of Labor’s framework for evaluating independent contractors favors the employer-employee relationship, as do many states. The definition of independent contractor continues to be more restrictive.

In many industries, the workplace is no longer a traditional business with a single employer. Companies increasingly contract out or otherwise outsource activities to be performed by other businesses, increasing the risk of an inadvertent joint employer arrangement. Blurred lines from this increasingly fissured workplace make achieving compliance with wage and hour laws a difficult task.

Intense competition between business models such as subcontracting, temporary agencies, labor brokers, franchising, licensing, and third-party management, has led to a sharp uptick in DOL audits and lawsuits. Our Independent Contractor Audit Service focuses on identifying potential independent contractor misclassification as well as any arrangements that may lead to joint employer liability.

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