OSHA Compliance Audit

In recent years, OSHA has moved beyond hazard control oversight to an enforcement body that oversees a large number of workplace health and safety areas. President Biden has committed to increase OSHA enforcement during his term. Since OSHA can fine employers directly for retaliatory policies or procedures, even without an employee complaint, it is essential to have a comprehensive safety process in place.

OSHA’s job of enforcing its health and safety requirements has expanded during the COVID-19 Pandemic. OSHA has issued new interim guidance for all businesses to follow when reopening, based on four occupational risk exposure levels. Organizations need to assess hazards that workers may be exposed to, especially in the terms of communicable diseases like COVID-19.

Proactively identify compliance risks.

Effective risk management requires a careful look at health and safety practices, policies, and record keeping procedures before OSHA knocks at the door. This audit will help employers proactively identify OSHA compliance risks.

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