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Positions Classification Process Flow Chart

We provide you with tools to update/create your job descriptions.
The 2019 ADA Element Checklist and 2019 Essential Functions Determination Form will guide you through updating and/or creating your job descriptions. The 2019 Position Classification Form will guide you through the process of classifying each of your positions as exempt or non-exempt.
We review your job descriptions and exempt/non-exempt classification.
Send us your completed documents and a list of all employees including their job title/position and the up-to-date job/position description. We will review the documents to insure exempt positions comply with state and federal law.
We chat.
A telephone conference (typically about an hour) will allow us to review and finalize the classification of each position together. You ask questions. We provide answers. The
conversation is protected by the Attorney/Client privilege.
We update and return your forms along with a list of recommended job
Take our recommendations, finalize the forms for each job/position and each employee and place them
in each employee’s personnel file.
Relax knowing that you have well written job descriptions and that each employee is correctly classified, and being paid in compliance with the law.