Preserve Confidential Information, Secure Customer & Employee Relationships, Safeguard Goodwill

As state and federal non-compete laws become increasingly strict, organizations need to take steps to protect crucial business interests: preserving confidential information, securing customer and employee relationships, and safeguarding goodwill. We will work with you to navigate the new laws while preserving, securing, and protecting your business.

How This Service Works:


Your team will forward all existing restrictive employment covenants to our team for assessment: non-competition covenants; non-solicitation of customers covenants; non-solicitation/non-hire of employees covenants; and confidential/proprietary information protection covenants. Those covenants can be found in employment agreements, in personnel policies, employee handbooks, and in offer letters just to name a few.


We will then schedule and hold a telephone conference with your team to review the new Administrative Agency (FTC) regulation/law, assess your organization’s protectable business interests and define your goals and priorities in order to determine which restrictive employment covenants will be maintained moving forward in compliance with the new Rule.

Review & Resolve

We will then review your current restrictive employment covenants and prepare redlined edits identifying our recommended changes and amendments to achieve compliance with the new Rule and ensure protection of your business interests. The redlined documents that we send back to your team will include our legal opinion that each complies with the new Rule and are designed to maximize the protection of your confidential/proprietary information, customer relationships, and good will.

Your team will have peace of mind knowing that all permissible steps have been taken to protect your business interests.


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All of our services are protected by attorney-client privilege and are indemnified.