Reasonable Accommodation Compliance Toolkit

Our most commonly requested service, with good reason. The ADA and the laws of many states require an employer to provide reasonable accommodation to an employee or job applicant with a disability, unless doing so would cause significant difficulty, hardship, or expense for the employer.

In general terms, these laws require the employer to engage in an interactive process with the employee and their healthcare providers. Not surprisingly, the process has several legal pitfalls that must be carefully avoided. The documents we deliver under this service provide a roadmap for navigating this process.

This toolkit includes:

  • A Reasonable Accommodation Process flow-chart
  • A letter to the employee acknowledging their request for accommodation
  • A release that permits the organization to seek information from the employee’s doctor
  • A medical provider’s cover letter
  • A medical provider’s questionnaire
  • An Undue Hardship template
  • A Job Abandonment Letter (in cases where an employee on leave discontinues dialogue with the organization)
  • One half-hour of attorney time to provide further guidance on this interactive process


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