It Took a NY Minute for This Guy to Famously Botch Pay Transparency

Responding to a now deleted Craigslist ad for a job in NYC, an applicant requested salary information under the law. While the New York state pay transparency law goes into effect September 2023, the NYC statute took place November 2022. The hiring manager’s response, posted on Twitter by the applicant, went viral. Not only did he ignore the law on disclosing pay, he was a real jerk about it. Or you be the judge:

Hello Liam —

Great intro. [That’s sarcasm.] It is stipulated right there in the advertisement; it says “DOE” which means “Dependent on Experience” [Not sarcasm.]

I cannot rightly tell you a salary when you do not provide me with your experience, which, at the very lease would come by way of a “resume” [Slight sarcasm]. Which you did not include — which was also requested on the same advertisement [Not sarcasm]. So how about this: the salary range is anywhere from $0/hour to $1 Billion Dollars/hour + tips [Slight sarcasm].

Now either send me your resume, or don’t [Not sarcasm].

Make sure your managers are aware of pay transparency laws.* That part is easy–we can help. As for jerks, actually we can help there too. Contact us.


*So far: CA, CO, MD, NV, Jersey City, NJ, NY, Cincinatti and Toledo OH, RI, WA