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Federal Paid Family Leave: A Christmas Miracle?

December 12, 2019 |

  Congress is close to a deal on a bipartisan bill granting paid family medical leave to federal workers.  Over 2.1 million civilian government workers would be eligible for 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a newborn or adopted child or to care for a family member.  As you know, the federal government […]

Startup Workplaces: The Bloom is Off the Rose

December 10, 2019 |

Many years ago, on a sunny Sunday at the beach, I lamented to a researcher-friend that I was not ready for work on Monday.  “I mean, it is not like I am looking for a cure for AIDS!” was my qualifier.  Her response stayed with me: “I am looking for a cure for AIDS and […]

Taking a Stand on the Right to Sit

December 5, 2019 |

  All roads lead to a Seinfeld episode eventually, and maybe indirectly. In one, George Constanza felt strongly that a store security guard should not have to stand for his entire shift. After George delivered a comfy rocking chair, the security guard fell asleep and the store was robbed. Very Seinfeld but George was on […]

Easy Employee Engagement: Start with Hello

December 3, 2019 |

Recently my 20something daughter mentioned she was training a new hire at her job.  She had been there 2 weeks.  She was trained by a seasoned employee of 4 weeks. None of them has training in managing or on-boarding employees. I was astonished and she quickly gave me the look.  The OK Boomer, this -is- […]

Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019 |

  Oh joy! A day to give thanks, gather, eat. Let’s not think of the workplace! No, it’s pie and football and travel to see loved ones. OK maybe a quick check of your phone…just in case. Here’s hoping this is the only email you have on this wonderful day. Maybe not… . Please know […]

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