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Diagnostic Compliance Audit


Introductory Call
Audits can be overwhelming. This Audit is designed
to let you tell us your practices, show us your
documents, and let us do the heavy lifting.
We guide you through the HR Risk
Management Audit Checklist, outlining
steps for completion.
We will set dates for return of the
completed Checklist and follow up Audit
call/meeting (usually 1-3 weeks out).
Your Actions Items
Fill in responses to the Audit. Checklist in Word. Attach all documents referenced
in your Checklist responses.
Email or call us with questions.
No question is too small.
Return the completed Checklist
and documents to us prior to the
Audit call/meeting.
Foley & Foley Review of Checklist and Documents
We review your responses and documents, and note follow up questions and/or concerns.
Audit Call/Meeting
(Generally 2-4 weeks after our initial introductory call)
Together, we walk through each
Checklist question and response.
We request clarification and
additional information as needed.
You ask questions and we
provide answers.
All protected by the
Attorney/Client privilege.
Our Recommendations Will Conclude The Audit

(Generally within 1-2 weeks of Audit Call/Meeting)

We submit to you a report of compliance issues requiring attention,
along with best practice recommendations for future consideration.
We add comments “in-line” to each Checklist response you submitted.
These comments alert you to compliance issues, our recommended
changes, and best practices.

*The Handbook service covers many policies and practices addressed in the Diagnostic Compliance Audit service. Completing the Handbook and
Audit services in tandem, or completing a Handbook update prior to the Audit allows for a more streamlined service, as the Handbook policies will
have been reviewed and updated to insure full compliance. All services are protected by the Attorney/client privilege and are indemnified.