Handbook Preparation & Updating

Our Handbook Preparation and Updating service is extremely popular nationwide with all sizes of employers. Handbooks are a best practice—full stop. Well written, up-to-date handbooks allow employers to effectively communicate their expectations and address terms and conditions of employment consistently, avoiding claims of disparate treatment or other challenges.

The handbooks that we prepare under our core Handbook Service:

  • are reviewed by experienced employment lawyers with no disclaimers or caveats: your handbook is compliant and ready to use.
  • address compliance obligations and best practices and thereby further reduce HR-related risk.
  • are precisely tailored to fit our client’s industry and the goals and objectives that our client defines.
  • are fully customized for you. These are not off the shelf cookie cutter templates. No two of our handbooks are alike.

Please contact us to learn more about this service and our fixed fee pricing.

Streamlining Services

This Handbook Preparation service covers many policies and practices addressed in the Diagnostic Compliance Audit. Completing the handbook and audit services in tandem, or completing a handbook update prior to the audit, allows for a more streamlined service as the handbook policies will have been reviewed and updated to insure full compliance.

All of our services are protected by attorney-client privilege and are indemnified.

The Handbook Preparation Process

Initial Review of Handbook

Send us your existing handbook and accompanying policies, along with your employee headcount for each state.

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Introductory Phone Call
(Typically 30 Minutes)

Introduction to our philosophy: A handbook that reflects your rules, your values, and your culture.

You tell us your goals and concerns.

Introduce us to your company culture.

We outline options for a handbook employees will read and use

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Attorney Review of Handbook

Using the “red-line” feature in Word, we track edits to your existing handbook and policies.

We add comments in the margins explaining why changes were made, and noting areas of legal noncompliance.

We create model policies and handbook language, focusing on readability, and functionality.

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Return of Handbook

We return to you a red-lined version of your Handbook and policies; a “clean” version, accepting all tracked revisions; and model policies and state supplements for you to review and amend to fit your workplace. Everything is in Word. You can edit and amend, and the final product is yours.

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Wrap-Up Phone Call
(Typically 30 Minutes)

Take your time to carefully review our edits and recommendations.

When you’re ready, we can schedule a call to review your questions or you can email short, individual questions as they arise. Whatever works best for you.