Welcome 2021–Finally!

At last, 2021 is here. This past year was a long one but it was not all bad. Below are some fun lists to ease you into the New Year:

  • Good things did happen in 2020! Here is a list of some takeaways from the brave new world that this year brought, from phone charging to procrastinating;
  • Best movies of 2020–I have seen exactly zero of these but now I know what I am missing.
  • Beyond doomscrolling: a list of 20 phrases that 2020 gave us. Grab a quarantini and enjoy.
  • Best books of 2020–this site allows you to apply filters to reduce the list from 383 books so you can feel more literate.
  • The top 10 recipes of 2020–which are mostly comfort food because you know, this was that kind of year.

Happy New Year! We made it. May 2021 bring good health and good times into your life.