Vaccination Nation: The Race is On

As of today, 19.3 million Americans have contracted COVID 19, with 335, 141 deaths. The race to vaccinate is unprecedented (that word has never been used more). More than 2 million Americans have received a COVID-19 vaccine, with millions more on the way. Additional vaccines from the current two makers are in development, which will quickly increase the amount of vaccine available. Vaccination is a “when” and not “if” question now. Most states have established a broad outline of when the general population can receive the vaccine, but those timelines may speed up as more vaccines receive approval.

How will your workplace handle vaccination? Whether you will encourage or mandate vaccination, whatever policies you have now will not work for this unique scenario. If you choose to ignore the vaccine issue (not advisable), it is very likely your employees will not. Some states may mandate vaccination, with New York drafting a pending bill already. What about employees who will not get vaccinated? We have an easy to use, fixed fee solution for vaccination at your workplace: the COVID-19 Policy Package. Based on the latest EEOC guidelines, the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Package includes a comprehensive overview for your business to implement a vaccination program, including necessary forms for employees to sign.

Do yourself a favor going into 2021: make vaccination consistent and easy now to avoid problems later. Contact us to purchase the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Package solution. And as always, if you have any employment law issues, we can help.