OSHA Thinks COVID-19 Is a Workplace Hazard (and So Should You)

In the past ten months, OSHA has become a major player in workplace safety during the pandemic. With the release of new guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace, OSHA now advises the following*

  1. Vaccinated employees should continue to adhere to mask and social distancing protocols;
  2. Implement a COVID-19 Prevention Program, engaging workers and unions and include:
    1. Hazard Assessment;
    2. Identifying measures to limit the spread of the virus;
    3. Adopting ways to ensure infected workers are separated and sent home;
    4. Protections from retaliation for workers raising COVID-19 safety concerns; and
    5. Assignment of a Workplace Coordinator to protect workers.
  3. Consider protections for employees at higher risk of severe illness through policies– without stereotyping and running afoul of the ADA, ADEA.
  4. Adopt the CDC isolation guidelines for return to work, stay home and isolation.
  5. The OSHA guidance is not the rule of law, although should now be considered a best practice in the workplace.

What should I do? We have a streamlined solution to protect your workplace and comply with OHSA, the CDC, ADA , EEOC and the ADEA: the COVID-19 Workplace Hazard Compliance Tools. For a fixed fee, you will receive a:

  • Model COVID-19 Prevention Program;
  • COVID-19 Safety Policy;
  • Temperature Checks and Symptom Monitoring Policy;
  • Business Travel Policy;
  • Reasonable Accommodation for Vulnerable Worker Policy; and
  • Contact Tracing Policy.

OSHA is not going away. COVID-19 is not leaving anytime soon. Employees need to be protected. We can help. Contact us for information on the COVID-19 Workplace Hazard Compliance Tools or any other questions.


*These are just the highlights and the full 13-page OSHA report is here.