Lessons from the Cat Filter Video

Oh boy is this a great video! After months of video meetings and calls, one moment captures our compete reliance on technology–and our frustration. When the lawyer with the cat filter tells the judge, “I’m not a cat!” I felt his pain. And laughed out loud.

The details behind the cat video have not emerged yet but the greater lesson is how technology can be corrupted. Our clients are experiencing data security issues more than ever and they are not funny. Data breaches are costly, upsetting and come with liability for employers.  Forty-nine states require employers to take action to protect the personal information of employees (and customers or clients). You know we have your back here: we have developed a fixed fee service that is easy to implement. Our Protecting Personal Information Compliance Toolkit provides the plan, guidance and documents you need to meet the standards of your state. Don’t wait for a breach to discover you are not in compliance.

We have worked with many clients on data security issues and we can help. Contact us.