New Year, New Laws, New Handbook


Top Ten Reasons Your Handbook Is Out of Date

10. Employee retention and recruitment programs needed (e.g., Educational Assistance, Referral Bonus, Health and Wellness);

9.   Must have preferred name and pronouns policy per EEOC guidance;

8.   Notice of employee surveillance measures will be required by NLRB;

7.   Cybersecurity hygiene policy;

6.  Remote/Telework policies update (or add if none!);

5.  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy (DEI) needed or updated;

4.  New Pay Transparency laws;

3.  It does not address transgender issues and policies in the workplace;

2.  It does not include a reference to Tik Tok, or BeReal (right?), particularly with confidentiality and trade secret language;

1.  If your handbook has not had an overhaul in three years, it is out of date. A lot has happened since 2019.

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