How to Replace Non Competes and Better Protect Your Business

Way back on Tuesday, we blogged about the startling rule proposed by the FTC banning non-competition clauses for all workers in nearly all workplaces. Non compete agreements and clauses mirroring non compete restrictions have been in disfavor in the courts and many states for awhile. The move by the federal government is a big one but we were ready for it.

You can still protect your business and business interests. We have been creating restrictive agreements that safeguard your business without invoking non competition language for years. We have a comprehensive fixed fee service that preserves, secures and safeguards your business, trade secrets, proprietary information, goodwill and employees. You knew the docs you lifted from Google were just temporary. Or maybe you had language that was crafted when non competes were upheld. Now is the time to fix that. How great would it feel to know your documents have undergone legal review all at once and you can protect your interests going forward?

We can help. Contact us for more information on this easy to use service.