Monsieur T Does Not Want to Be Fun at Work

Monsieur T Does Not Want to Be Fun at Work

France, “home of the right to ignore your e-mail on the weekend and the right not to eat at your desk“now gives us the Right Not to Be Fun at Work. From an article in the New Yorker:

The complainant, referred to as “Monsieur T” (a delicious term for those old enough to recall Mr. T), was fired after he refused to participate in “fun & pro” company activities. In his termination letter, the company criticized his brittle tone with subordinates, failure to see other’s point of view and his lackluster participation in the “fun & pro” company culture. Can you fire someone for being a stick in the mud? Not in France people! The high court ruled that Monsieur T had no obligation to attend outside activities and his supervisor’s expectation that he participate violated his freedom of expression. Monsieur T, a hero for introverts and haters of awkward events everywhere.

Takeaways here?

Worth noting is the fact that many of the “fun” activities involved lots of alcohol and the inappropriate behavior that often follows. Never a good idea, even in France. The termination letter–which I did not see–should mention business-related reasons to separate, particularly in France which does not have the at will employment we see here. Lastly, know your workplace culture. Find activities that everyone can enjoy during work hours.

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