We Need to Talk About Workplace Violence, Still

Much of what happens in life, also happens in the workplace. The good, the bad and the ugly–violence. In many states, overall violent incidents are up, and many episodes take place at work. What should an employer do?

California is on the verge of enacting a bill requiring workplace violence prevention plans. As of January 1, 2025, most employers will need to maintain logs on violent incidents and provide training to workers on how to report incidents. Union representatives will be able to seek temporary restraining orders on behalf of workers who are victims of violence or threats of violence. Will other states follow? I can think of a few who may.

Even without a state mandate, employers should have an up to date violence prevention and mitigation plan, reflecting current technology. Training on detecting potential violence and how to handle conflict is a baseline minimum protection for the workforce.

The world is often angry and that does not stop at the workplace door. We can help. We offer plans, policies and training to help prevent workplace violence. Contact us.