The EEOC Is on a Litigation Tear

The EEOC is filing lawsuits like crazy and proud of it. We are talking a 50% increase over last year! Of the 143 cases filed, 25 were “systemic lawsuits,” ones where the discrimination alleged has a broad impact on an industry, company, geographic location or profession. This marks the most systemic lawsuits filed in the over five years.

While still short of the Obama years’ numbers, the EEOC activity is on the rise due to a budget increase, a new commissioner to restore the 3-2 Democratic majority and the Biden administration’s agenda. It took a minute, but the quiet EEOC years are over.

Any patterns? The EOC has been targeting healthcare, retail, hospitality and construction industries so far. The claims include systemic discrimination, disability discrimination and workplace harassment. In its most recent strategic 4 year plan, the EEOC prioritized the use of litigation as an enforcement tool to address AI issues, protecting vulnerable workers and those affected by pregnancy and childbirth.

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