What Does Gen Z Think?

Like you, all sorts of articles and blogs cross my email everyday. Eye-catching headlines and subject lines scream out. Sometimes, those large font statements turn out to be misleading on closer inspection. But the thought that is put in your head may linger. Here is an example:

30% of Hiring Managers Say They Steer Clear of GEN Z

Say what? Steering clear of an entire generation in a time of low unemployment and unfilled jobs? Why? According to the 782 people surveyed they:

  • Ask for too much money
  • Lack communication skills
  • Do not seem engaged
  • Seem entitled
  • 30% say they had to fire a Gen Zer within a month of their start date.

But also this:

Learning Opportunities are a Top Factor in Gen Z’s Job Hunt

Training, and the chance to practice new skills, ranked second in factors important to Gen Z job hunters. Looks like these same youngsters that lack certain skills embrace training and learning–how great is that? (The same poll found Baby Boomers showed the least interest in learning FWIW).

The Takeaway:

Gen Z is untrained and Gen Z wants training. Sounds like a plan! Seriously, taking broad strokes at an entire generation is not a great way to proceed. But training is always a best practice, for Gen Z and beyond. Our practice focuses on preventing issues in the workplace and we have found solid training is a big part of that prevention. Contact us to train any generation, any workplace, any topic. We can help.