Religious Belief v LGBTQIA: Title VII Wars

When I am asked what it is like practicing Employment Law, I have a ready answer: Never a dull moment. Everyday brings new issues! So it is with a recent uptick in questions about employee objections based on a religious belief to LGBTQIA training. Let’s get right to the chase:

Can an employer mandate attendance at training that covers LGBTQI+ topics that are against an employees’ religious belief?

Short answer: Yes. Generally, religious beliefs do not bar training on compliance with EEO laws and workplace conduct.

The tricky part is the content of the training and the expectations. The training must focus on the required behavior under the law and cannot require an individual to support values that run contrary to their beliefs. The EEOC recently held that an employer could mandate training but can not “require(d) or encourage(d) employees to affirmatively support or agree with conduct that conflicts with their religious beliefs.”

Peace. For now. Questions? We can help.