Would You Like Fries with That? The COVID-19 Whistleblower Claim Add On

We have blogged about the expected increase in COVID-19 lawsuits as a stand-alone legal claim and now we have the next phase: the COVID-19 whistleblower claim add on. Expect to see lawsuits against employers on unrelated issues–in this case sexual harassment–to include an additional, separate claim of retaliation for reporting COVID-19 safety violations.

As detailed in the distinguished source for legal news, New York Eater, a terminated manager of an Ample Hills ice cream store is bringing retaliation claims for reporting sexual harassment and COVID-19 safety lapses. The claims were brought under NY state’s whistleblower and human rights laws but we could see this lawsuit brought in many states and in federal court. The plaintiff seeks back pay, front pay, emotional distress damages, punitive damages, liquidated damages, compensatory damages and attorneys’ fees–an ample amount of damages indeed.

Now is the time to re-commit to COVID-19 safety protocols and make sure your workplace is complying with your state and federal standards. Many of the COVID-19 safety standards will be permanent and OSHA enforcement is expected to expand under the Biden administration. We have many COVID-19 fixed fee services to protect you and your workplace. Our team works every day to update and create services that streamline your compliance obligations. Or give us a call at 508.548.4888.  We can help.