Nobody’s Got Time for This: Evaluating Vaccination Exemption Requests

September 1, 2021 |


THE PROBLEM:  As mandatory COVID-19  vaccinations become more common in the workplace, employers are receiving more requests to opt out of the vaccine for religious or disability reasons. How many of these requests are legitimate, particularly when measured against the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus variant? When do you have to accommodate and what system do you have in place to analyze the requests? A snapshot of two big issues:

-Fake Documentation: To make matters worse, websites are popping up to furnish legitimately looking  “certifications”  to opt out. A popular site for religious exemptions is “The Healthy American.” For $59, you can download: three sample letters, appeal letters, three versions of ATTESTATION of FAITH from Pastor David, two appeal letters, and a link and description of the EEOC protections against religious discrimination. What a deal!! Then there are the medical certifications that can be bought. Recently, a doctor in Florida was suspended for charging $50 to furnish student notes to schools to sidestep the mask requirement.   The good doctor got caught through his ads on Facebook, but be aware–there are plenty of others who will gladly sell fraudulent medical documentation.

-Time: Businesses are using all their resources to stay open and fully staffed. That alone is a huge task today. HR departments–if you have one–are overwhelmed with the day to day of employee relations–compliance, discipline, benefits, onboarding, hiring, training. Now enter the exemption requests, which require a fair, thorough process. Think your business has time for that?

THE SOLUTION: For a fixed fee, we offer a COVID-19 VACCINATION EXEMPTION REQUEST ANALYSIS service (a mouthful, I know). You will receive exemption forms to be completed by the requesting employee, including a medical certification form where required. We will evaluate your employees’ request and inform you of your next step. For a fixed fee, you will have access to confidential and privileged legal advice via email and a follow up phone call if needed. Your workplace will have a standard, fair process to track and review exemption requests.

We can help. We offer a tiered pricing arrangement should your workplace have multiple exemption requests. Off load this onerous task and get back to business.


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