Forensics: A New Task for Employers

September 3, 2021 |

Our last blog was about vaccine exemption requests, including fake religious and medical documents you can buy online. Today,  we take a look at fake vaccine cards and how to spot them. Are we having fun yet?

With more vaccine mandates comes more fake vaccine cards: it is a booming black market. Just this week, the “AntiVax Momma” and 13 NY and NJ employees were busted for selling fake vaccine cards.  To be clear, it is a federal crime to buy or use fraudulent documents with a federal agency seal–the CDC seal is on vaccination cards.

How to detect fraudulent vaccination cards and what to do? Here are some suggestions from Professor Google:

  • If possible, see the actual card rather than a screen shot. It should be on thick paper and neatly, machine cut.
  • Check for  misspellings.
  • With the 2-shot vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, the handwriting should look different for each shot. It is highly unlikely the same person gave the shot both times.
  • The dates of the shots should be 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days apart for Moderna, give or take. Anything before is a tell.

If your employee is using a fraudulent vaccination card, the what to do is easy: termination.  You have no duty to call the police but if you think it is part of a larger ring, you might want to do just that.

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