Fake Vaccine Cards Hit the Big Time

October 11, 2021 |

ESPN is reporting the National Hockey League is investigating San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane for submitting a fraudulent COVID19 vaccine card (oh, and his alleged domestic assault of his estranged wife–but that is another book blog post topic). As we all know by now, the FBI has warned that buying, selling, or using a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination card is a federal crime and violators face a fine and up to five years in prison.

While the Sharks do not have a mandatory vaccine policy, anyone over the age of 12 must show proof of vaccination in order to enter their home arena. Shark management has an easy shot here, pun intended. A player who commits fraud and breaks a federal law can be terminated and, most likely, his contract can be voided.

We can help. We offered some suggestions here to detect fake vaccine cards. Questions about this or other workplace law issues? Contact us.


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