Happy Labor Day!

Before you pack away your white clothes (old rule!) and fire up the grill, take a minute to appreciate your workforce–and the work you do to keep things humming. As you know, Labor Day was enacted to honor workers nationwide. Let’s not miss the chance to show gratitude towards the workforce.

The Department of Labor is showing the love too with the release of the overtime salary threshold increase–finally–to $55,068 from $35,568.  You have probably had alarmist emails about this change and its potential impact. What to do? Wait and see?  Raise wages to avoid overtime and hope you pass the duties test for exemptions? Here is a better choice: get ahead of any changes and the current law with an easy compliance resource. Many employers over the years have utilized our fixed fee Exempt or Non-Exempt Classification Service with great success. Check out the flow chart to see how easy this service can be and give us a call. Your workforce will be in compliance and your next Labor Day will be more relaxing.

We can help. Always. And have a great weekend.