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Long COVID-19: What Employers Should Know

By now, you have heard of long COVID, long haul COVID, post-acute COVID, or chronic COVID.  Get ready for long COVID to impact the workplace. The EEOC has recently recognized that “long COVID” may be a disability under the ADA. … Read More

The White House COVID-19 Mandate, Unpacked

President Biden is losing patience. The rest of us are losing our minds trying to figure out the White House vaccine mandate. So. Many. Questions. Here is a quick rundown of the latest: WHO is covered by the mandate: Private … Read More

Biden Rolls Out the Big Guns on COVID-19

President Biden dropped a bomb: All employers with 100 or more employees must mandate COVID-19 vaccination or implement weekly virus testing. To be clear, this mandate will affect as many as 100 million people (cue the Austin Powers meme here). … Read More

The Future of Work…

Do you get emails with this title often? I do and think: where were you in February of 2020, bro? The reality is work is changing all the time and has been for decades. As society changes, so too does … Read More

Forensics: A New Task for Employers

Our last blog was about vaccine exemption requests, including fake religious and medical documents you can buy online. Today,  we take a look at fake vaccine cards and how to spot them. Are we having fun yet? With more vaccine … Read More

We Are Hiring!

Remember when August was quiet and hot? Now it is just really hot. Being busy is good problem though and we need a lawyer! Foley & Foley, PC, represents employers nationwide in all facets of employment law and litigation. We … Read More

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