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FFCRA Getting a Lifeline

President Biden has a lot on his plate but nothing more pressing than handling the pandemic. When the original CARES Act was passed 8 months ago, few people could understand the enormous impact the coronavirus would have.  The staggering death … Read More

Under Pressure: The Swift Termination of DC Protesters

What social media giveth–the ability to loudly express views–it taketh away–those views leading to termination of employment. And so quickly now! What a difference from the hesitation of employment action after the 2017 Charlottesville white supremacy riots. Why now? Relentless … Read More

Two Things to Do

How is that to do list going? Sigh. Below is a quick summary of the two hot topics right now: MA Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) implementation and the end–or is it?– of the FFCRA leave: MA PFML is in … Read More

Welcome 2021–Finally!

At last, 2021 is here. This past year was a long one but it was not all bad. Below are some fun lists to ease you into the New Year: Good things did happen in 2020! Here is a list … Read More

Vaccination Nation: The Race is On

As of today, 19.3 million Americans have contracted COVID 19, with 335, 141 deaths. The race to vaccinate is unprecedented (that word has never been used more). More than 2 million Americans have received a COVID-19 vaccine, with millions more … Read More

Happy Holidays & So Long 2020

What a year! As always, we want to thank you for your business and your friendship. Navigating the rough seas of the pandemic with you has been an honor. We will be closed from noon on December 24, 2020, through … Read More

Just in Time for Christmas: The Stimulus Bill

Last evening, the House released the text of the new stimulus bill it had passed–all 5,593 glorious pages. It is a whopper of a bill, with provisions for healthcare, schools, the arts, nutrition, rental assistance and of course the $600 … Read More

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