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FFCRA Getting a Lifeline

President Biden has a lot on his plate but nothing more pressing than handling the pandemic. When the original CARES Act was passed 8 months ago, few people could understand the enormous impact the coronavirus would have.  The staggering death … Read More

Under Pressure: The Swift Termination of DC Protesters

What social media giveth–the ability to loudly express views–it taketh away–those views leading to termination of employment. And so quickly now! What a difference from the hesitation of employment action after the 2017 Charlottesville white supremacy riots. Why now? Relentless … Read More

Biden Wants You to Fail the Independent Contractor Test

The Department of Labor published its final rule on a more employer friendly independent contractor test yesterday. Too little too late comes to mind because the Biden administration can (and will) rescind the rule and your state probably has a stricter … Read More

Two Things to Do

How is that to do list going? Sigh. Below is a quick summary of the two hot topics right now: MA Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) implementation and the end–or is it?– of the FFCRA leave: MA PFML is in … Read More

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