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Litigation of Employment Disputes

Litigation                         In today’s litigious society, business owners/employers need to align themselves with experienced, practical and tough attorneys, who will develop strategies to achieve the best possible result in the most expeditious and practical manner. Employers need attorneys who know … Read More

Labor Relations & Union Organizing

Labor Relations & Union Organizing At the heart of every organization is a leadership team that wants to advance the company’s objectives, free from the burdens and risks of deciphering extensive labor and employment standards. Our attorneys have the experience, … Read More

Client Newsletter

Employment Law Corner Our monthly newsletter offers an in-depth look at topical issues, providing employers with pertinent advice regarding workplace law. Select any issue below to view. December 2023 Top 10 Handbook Updates for 2024 November 2023 Americans with Disabilities … Read More

Practice News

Foley & Foley, PC in the News An Overview of Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classification Join Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce and Foley & Foley, PC on Wednesday, November 8th at 1:00p.m.-2:00p.m., at the Taunton Chamber of Commerce located at 170 Dean … Read More

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