It’s Tidy Up Your Wage and Hour Practices Month!

In a land where we have National Donut Day, why not proclaim March as the time to work on wage and hour compliance? Because whether you do it now or later, the state and federal government are all stick and no carrot on compliance. And we are offering an incentive to get you started! Let’s quickly review the common pitfalls in the wage and hour arena:

Wage Theft: This term is getting a lot of use. It refers to a failure to pay employees for any reason. Massachusetts has two bills pending to further clamp down on wage theft. The Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) makes it clear when and how an employee has to be paid and who is an employee. We have a terrific overview that outlines the FLSA and your duties. We also have a fixed fee service to assist employers in reviewing their timekeeping practices for nonexempt employees. Our FLSA Audit makes it easy to adopt best practices and avoid state and federal wage and hour complaints.

Misclassification: Remember: the law favors the employee-employer relationship. Many states–CA, MA, NY to name a few–make the independent contractor relationship very difficult to utilize. Misclassifying a position to avoid overtime is just one common violation that results in penalties and even tax liabilities. Salaried positions are determined not only by wages but by job duties. The duties test is often overlooked by employers–but not by the eager state and federal investigators. Misclassifying employees can be easy to do and hard to undo. We have a popular fixed fee service-check out how it works here. You send your positions and job descriptions and we update and correctly classify the positions and duties. Easy!

Hey! What about the incentive? Right! As if the increased funding for DOL and your state investigators, combined with these user friendly fixed fee services aren’t enough? Contact us this month to see if you are eligible for a 10% discount on the above services. We can help.