2024 Do List: 5 Steps to Take

Let’s face it, keeping resolutions is tough. At the same time, ticking off a checklist is pretty great! Here are 5 To Do Items for 2024, based on 2023 developments and best practices:

  1. Employee Handbook: Great time to review your policies and handbook to ensure compliance with the changes in the last year–and there were plenty. Whether you are a multi-state employer or a one stop shop with 10 employees we have an easy to use service tailored to your workplace.
  2. File your EEO-1 Report by TODAY, January 9,2024. After that, you fall into the Failure to File bucket. Useful information on how to file here.
  3. Wage and Hour Rates: 22 states and some localities raised the minimum wage for 2024. Perhaps your payroll provider takes care of that, but hiring managers and HR need to know too!
  4. Training! Make a plan now for training throughout 2024. We offer bite sized training on all workplace law topics that keep employees engaged. Our Coffee Break, which covers a series of important topics in 15 minute webinars, is very popular. Manager training is one of the best investments your workplace can make to avoid missteps with federal and state laws, particularly leave and discrimination. Get your 2024 training schedule set up.
  5. Update Job Descriptions: Ferris Bueller was right: Life moves pretty fast… . So it is with job duties. The workplace is dynamic and oftentimes job descriptions do not reflect the job accurately. This becomes a problem in many ways: hiring, discipline, pay disparity–the list goes on. We can help!

Give us a call or email us. We have fixed fee solutions and so much experience helping employers.