Women’s Health & the Workplace: Are You in Compliance?

It has been almost a year since the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) took effect. If you have not implemented these mandates and provided training on this topic, now is a good time. A quick refresher: the PWFA applies to employers with more than 15 employees and a break down of the requirements can be found here.

The PUMP Act, also in effect since last year, is another law that you may need to fold into your policies, poster, handbooks and training. Here is a summary of the PUMP Act and what you should be doing to comply.

OK– is that it? Oh no–the states have been busy with their own laws! For example, New York state will become the first to mandate 20 hours of leave–separate from the NY family and medical leave–for prenatal care, beginning in 2025. The NY act also requires 30 minute paid breaks for nursing mothers for up to three years after a child’s birth.  This year, California began allowing workers 5 days of leave for reproductive loss, including failed adoption and surrogacy, among other requirements.

Questions? We can help. We keep up with all the local, state and federal workplace law changes so you do not have to! Need a handbook update? Our fixed fee handbook service will make that easy. Training? We can help there too. Contact us.