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Workplace Violence Is Not a Passing Trend

Walmart is very sorry an overnight shift manager (Andre Bing) killed six employees and injured others at its store in Chesapeake, VA, just before Thanksgiving. Their heartbreak and sorrow are without question. The problem is, Walmart kept a disruptive, harassing … Read More

Tis the Season…Office Party Edition

Bring on the holiday cheer and the holiday parties!  While you’re making your list, check it twice – for any potential liabilities. A  few simple steps can help minimize potential risk and keep your celebration on track. Liability can arise … Read More

If You Had Kanye West in Your Workplace…

It is easy to armchair judge bad behavior we see on this news and think–I would not put up with that. (If you do not have electricity, you may have missed the musician/fashion designer/business owner Kanye West’s anti-Semitic rants online.) … Read More

The NLRB is Eyeing Electronic Employer Spying

The NLRB does not like employers spying on their employees. Its General Counsel released a memo this week which cautions that AI and surveillance tracking employees could chill Section 7 rights. That old chestnut–the right to discuss work conditions and … Read More

New EEOC Poster Ready for Hanging

Time for an office refresh! Without boring you with the details, the EEOC published a new poster, then took it down, then put up another new one. It happens. Check out the FAQs from the EEOC on best practices for … Read More

Give Kids a Chance: Hiring Minors

From Tim Kenneally, an experienced lawyer and parent of two teens: Any parent of teenagers will tell you they ALWAYS need money. Most teens think save is a “4-letter word.” Young adults definitely benefit from part-time employment.  In turn, employers … Read More

Should You Relax Your Marijuana Drug Testing Policy?

Last summer  Amazon removed marijuana from its pre-employment drug screening for all positions (excluding where required under federal law). Amazon recognized the change in the cannabis landscape: 19 states have legalized recreational marijuana use. A ripple effect was predicted at … Read More

Lessons from the Railroads

Thankfully, this is not a post about a railroad strike, which was narrowly averted. What pushed the railroad workers and their unions to the brink? Time. Specifically, time off from work and the ability to take sick days. According to … Read More

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