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Monsieur T Does Not Want to Be Fun at Work

France, “home of the right to ignore your e-mail on the weekend and the right not to eat at your desk“now gives us the Right Not to Be Fun at Work. From an article in the New Yorker: The complainant, referred to as … Read More

The Next Wave: Pay Transparency

The geo-political make up of our country is always a fascinating topic, especially when it comes to employment law. As we all know, employment law and labor law are both incredibly fast changing and responsive to politics. Sexual Harassment Training, … Read More

Questions to Ask Before Downsizing

Is 2023 the year of wide-spread layoffs? So far, with recession fears still looming, companies are downsizing in the new year. The tech sector began massive layoffs last quarter and are averaging 1,600 job cuts per day for 2023. Goldman … Read More

2023 Is A Better Year to Have a Baby

Happy 2023! While we were wrapping up gifts and work last week, Congress passed an omnibus spending package. At $1.7 trillion and 4155 pages, it is a monster of a bill. Two separate laws were tucked in that protect pregnant … Read More

New Year, New Laws, New Handbook

  Top Ten Reasons Your Handbook Is Out of Date 10. Employee retention and recruitment programs needed (e.g., Educational Assistance, Referral Bonus, Health and Wellness); 9.   Must have preferred name and pronouns policy per EEOC guidance; 8.   Notice of employee … Read More

TFW You Check Off A To Do List Item…

Everyone scrambles during the busy holiday season, and it appears the Department of Labor is no exception. We expect to have an update from the DOL anytime now on the salary threshold increase for exempt employees. By all accounts, it … Read More

Workplace Violence Is Not a Passing Trend

Walmart is very sorry an overnight shift manager (Andre Bing) killed six employees and injured others at its store in Chesapeake, VA, just before Thanksgiving. Their heartbreak and sorrow are without question. The problem is, Walmart kept a disruptive, harassing … Read More

Tis the Season…Office Party Edition

Bring on the holiday cheer and the holiday parties!  While you’re making your list, check it twice – for any potential liabilities. A  few simple steps can help minimize potential risk and keep your celebration on track. Liability can arise … Read More

If You Had Kanye West in Your Workplace…

It is easy to armchair judge bad behavior we see on this news and think–I would not put up with that. (If you do not have electricity, you may have missed the musician/fashion designer/business owner Kanye West’s anti-Semitic rants online.) … Read More

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